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We created GRAFOLIO MARKET to solve the problems that content creators are facing in the digital content industry. GRAFOLIO MARKET provide solutions to unfair commercial practices such as intellectual property infringement and unfair distribution of profit. Our mission is to protect the rights and profits of the content creators and help them secure their unique creativity in the digital space.

GRAFOLIO MARKET prioritize the rights and profits of content creators, and we bring this about through our Marketplace, which is built upon blockchain technology. In our Marketplace, we foster an environment that provides fair opportunities to promising creators, establishing a distribution structure where consumers who want ownership of the content voluntarily come together. Through this virtuous cycle of creation and consumption, we can build a democratic ecosystem in the ever-evolving digital content industry. Content creators will be protected of their rights in this ecosystem and all content can be traded fairly.



GRAFOLIO MARKET isn’t just for buying and selling content. In the platform, consumers can communicate with the creators as fans. With fair profit distribution and a focus on creativity, content creators will be encouraged and be motivated to network with others.

Feature 01

Content Utilization

Anybody can create digital content and convert it into a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in GRAFOLIO MARKET.

Also, NFTs can be utilized in many different ways. Other than buying and selling digital content, you can also use your NFTs for different purposes like third-party licensing, IP productization, and reminting for split sales. We provide support for creators and content owners to utilize their NFTs more flexibly.

Feature 02

'Original' NFTs

GRAFOLIO MARKET has NFTs of different genres created by promising content creators with raving fans. Meet digitized works of famous art pieces, celebrity content owned by agencies, K-Pop art, and a variety of art projects in our Marketplace.

These digital content are original works that are proven by blockchain technology and our own verification technology.

Feature 03

Market Access

XREATORS Marketplace ecosystem is based on XRT, a digital payment unit provided through a mileage point system, and ORT, the utility token.

By offering convenience for global users, we allow the creators in our Marketplace to have greater opportunities in the global market.

Content Flow

The utility token ORT is used for NFT content creation and transactions in GRAFOLIO MARKET.


All the transactional information including the transfer of intellectual property and license agreements made through smart contracts are recorded in the blockchain system. To verify the identity of the right holder, an electronic signature is signed through a private key.

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A Solid Intellectual Property Right
Authorization & Verification Process

With the help of blockchain, all information used in the content distribution process is made transparent to all users involved in the transaction. To upload content in the marketplace, users will go through a solid authorization and verification process created by GRAFOLIO MARKET advanced technology.

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Creator Identity Verification
  • KYC

  • Accept the Creator Terms


Content Authenticity Verification

To ensure a reliable environment for the users and protect the creators, meta-analyses of content will be done through the GRAFOLIO MARKET Upload Screening process to screen duplicate content and reproduced content.


UCI Issuance

Verified content will be issued with a state-certified identification code called “UCI (Universal Content Identifier)”. UCI is a unique and permanent identifier that allows the participants to find the information and the distribution route of content effectively in the GRAFOLIO MARKET Blockchain.


Post-Filtering of the Copyrights

Content uploaded to the GRAFOLIO MARKET will be filtered by using its data and user reports in the system to filter illegally distributed or duplicated/tampered content. Through this AI-enabled follow-up reporting system, we ensure the reliability of our creators and their content.

Token Economy

Token Economy

To provide a user-friendly environment, GRAFOLIO MARKET established its own token economy based on ORT and XRT. ORT is used for transactions in the Marketplace and XRT is designed to provide solid protection of the users’ digital content rights.

Token Distribution & Allocation

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The utility token issued by GRAFOLIO MARKET, which is the main payment method used for the digital content transaction, commercial advertisements, events, payment, and sponsorship in the GRAFOLIO MARKET ecosystem.

  • Payment method for digital content

  • Advertisement and collaboration

  • Application of IP protection reinforcement service (UCI)

  • Transaction in the crypto exchanges

  • ​Creator sponsorship

ERC-20 Token

500,000,000 ORT


The token used to ensure the solid protection of digital content rights. XRT is the digital payment unit (points) used to purchase digital content in the GRAFOLIO MARKET affiliate platforms.

  • ​Can exchange to affiliate platforms currencies

  • Direct payment method on affiliate platforms






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