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by CrazyBird Studio

Who Are We

That makes us happy, comfortable, and equal.

Taking a shit is an act performed by all animals, including humans. It may feel dirty, but it is a necessary and essential behavior for everyone, giving us a primal sense of pleasure. No matter who the person is from around the world, famous individuals like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett also engage in the act of taking a shit. It is an activity that had to be done and is being done by countless ordinary people throughout history, regardless of their age or gender. This act reminds us that we are all in the same position.


Furthermore, during taking a shit, there can be peculiar, awkward, or peaceful moments. Regardless of the situation, the end of taking a shit brings a sense of relief and the satisfaction of completing something. Taking a shit is closely related to consumption, making it a crucial keyword in modern society.


CrazyB hopes to see the 'Taking a Shit' series in restrooms worldwide. We hope people can chuckle and appreciate the artwork while in the restroom. We aim to provide viewers with a strong impression and a sense of amusement through various humorously depicted characters taking a shit.

Taking a Shit
NFT Collections


'Taking a Shit' Artwork Collection is an original collection of 22 artworks from a currently available project on the XREATORS marketplace.


Holders can download high-resolution files suitable for printing. Hang the humorous artworks by CrazyB in your restroom! Additionally, you can also receive Airdrops for CrazyB's upcoming artworks.

  • Ethereum

  • 22 Artworks

  • On Sale : XREATORS Marketplace

  • Holder-only Downladable Contents for Printing

  • XREATORS Discord Community Holder Role

1. Premium
Artwork Collection

2. Freemint
Welcome Card


XREATORS is temporarily distributing CrazyB welcome cards for free.


Holders of the welcome card will receive a 10% discount when purchasing ORT artworks from the premium collection. Until the release of the next collection series, XREATORS will apply the CrazyB role and organize exclusive giveaways. Additionally, there are plans to provide WL (Whitelist) qualification for the upcoming CrazyB series.

  • Polygon

  • 200 NFTs

  • Freemint : 2023.05.24 - 05.31

  • 10% discount when purchasing ORT artworks from the premium collection

  • XREATORS Discord Community Holder Role

3. Next Collection
CrazyB PFP


CrazyB is a team of independent artists formed within CrazyBird Studio. CrazyBird Studio is an animation company based in Korea that plans and produces numerous animations. CrazyB, within the studio, explores various ideas that have come to mind and aims to showcase a diverse range of artworks beyond animation through experimental endeavors.

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Artwork Creation


Technical Support

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