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[Partnership] MOU — KOLLECT.CARDS. (ENG)

XREATORS has launched a strategic partnership with ‘’, which provides GameFi and IP-based NFT collecting services.

XREATORS operates XREATORS Marketplace, a social creator's NFT (Non Fungible Token) market that connects creators and fans to sell copyrighted content. It provides a variety of services such as NFT ownership, split sales, and interlocking with external copyright markets.

Kollect is a growing blockchain company aiming to become a hub for NFT digital collectibles and play-to-earn (P2E) games. It is a platform that collects NFTs issued based on various IPs in a collection book to generate revenue.

Through this partnership, the two companies plan to discover competitive NFTs and actively collaborate to develop various services that allow users to own and utilize NFTs. In addition, it plans to collaborate on creating a platform where anyone can easily create NFTs or produce digital contents in various fields such as art, games, and sports with high-quality NFTs.

Joy Choi, who oversees Collect's marketing, said, "Through this partnership, users will be able to access various types of NFTs more easily and conveniently, and both companies will do their best so that they can use NFTs in a variety of ways and enjoy them in a fun way that goes beyond simple collection. "

XREATORS CEO Gina Park said, "Through this strategic collaboration, we will provide services so that everyone who wants to create and own can have a positive user experience in the market."

Meanwhile, XREATORS is currently preparing to launch the global NFT marketplace 'XREATORS', and it is expected that this strategic collaboration will further strengthen its global competitiveness.