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Try Your Luck!


by Buttergoguma Studio

Free Mint : 3.17 (15:00 KST)

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Who Are We

Love, Power, Money, Luck

We cater to the four core desires 
that exist in the midst of an imperfect reality.
Want to improve your day, year, or even your fate?
Come check out YEOWOO's lucky cards.


Buttergoguma Studio creates fox characters that fulfill human the core desires that have existed in the past, still exist, and will continue existing in the future. 

These desires for love, power, wealth, and good luck can also serve as motivational tools for people to live more humanely, while achieving a more satisfactory quality of life.

First, the desire for love. Love makes us care for each other.
Second, the desire for power. Power enables us to gain influence and protect others.
Third, the desire for wealth. Wealth allows us to release stress from any physical or mental difficulties.
Fourth, the desire for luck. Luck helps us wish our dreams into reality and solve problems in our lives.


Everyone truly desires to live an abundant, healthy, and leisurely life.
Buttergoguma Studio has designed these fox character fortune-telling cards to express how people pioneer beautiful destinies for themselves.

Foxes are commonly depicted as cunning animals that deceive others for their own gain, but in the YEOWOO NFT, they play the role of a totem that attracts love, power, wealth, and good luck to you.

To achieve our life goals in a better way, people try to struggle in their position.

People struggle to achieve their life goals in a better way, regardless of where they are in life.
Buttergoguma Studio hopes and truly wishes for people to find good fortune through their fox character, Yeowoo, in correlation with the four core human desires in their lives.

YEOWOO NFT Collection

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Traditional Korean YEOWOO


In the top left corner, there is a pine tree, and in the bottom right corner, there is a lingzhi mushroom. This symbolizes the hope that everything will go as planned in the new year. In this artwork, which is believed to drive away bad energy and bring good luck, we hope that you can find good luck by receiving the energy of the fox.

by Buttergoguma Studio


  •  1 Traditional Korean YEOWOO Artwork NFT (ETH)

  •  1 Traditional Korean YEOWOO Card NFT (MATIC)

  •  1 Regular YEOWOO Card NFT (MATIC)

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YEOWOO Card Packs

Yeowoo_premium_card_web img.png


We have created fortune-telling card NFTs featuring fox characters that fulfill four human desires. Draw a card to see what's inside and see what your fortune holds!



  •  1 Premium YEOWOO Card NFT (MATIC)

  •  1 Regular YEOWOO Card NFT (MATIC)

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Free Mint
Regular YEOWOO Cards


This is a YEOWOO fortune-telling card that contains various desires other than the four core desires. Look into your heart and focus on what you really want through our various YEOWOO cards.


  •  1 Regular YEOWOO Card NFT (MATIC)


1. Premium Sale

23.03.15(Wed)  I  XREATORS Marketplace

- 1 Traditional Korean YEOWOO NFT / 0.17 ETH

  • Includes 1 artwork NFT(ETH), 1 premium card(MATIC), 1 Regular card(MATIC)

  • Premium and Regular cards airdrop on 22.03.24

- 4 Premium YEOWOO Card Packs / 0.07 ETH

  • Random card pack

  • Includes 1 premium card(MATIC), 1 normal card(MATIC)

  • Premium and Regular cards airdrop on 22.03.24

2. Free Mint

23.03.17(Fri)  I  YEOWOO Project Web Page(This page)

- Total 745 Regular Cards / Free (gas included) / Polygon

  • 5 regular cards per wallet

  • Mint schedule : 23.03.17 15:00 to 23.03.23 13:00 (KST)

3. Airdrop

    & Reveal


- Snapshot for Airdrop : Right Before Reveal

- Airdrop : After Reveal

  • The airdrop will proceed to the wallet that owns the premium nft at the time of the snapshot. You MUST be holding nfts in your wallet by that point.

  • Any changes will be announced via Discord and Twitter.

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